O que é o adaptador PICASOU
PICASOU, means Plug In Car Android System via Original USB. It allows you to install Android system to your OEM car stereo which enables you to install Apps such as YouTube, online navigation and radio, etc. And of course, the prerequisite is that the original car has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto function. Unlike CarPlay and Android Auto, PICASOU can meet the needs of more consumers for multimedia function. We know that we could only use a few Apps with CarPlay and Android Auto. Most of them are navigation maps, music, etc. while PICASOU completely breaks the limits. Based on the Android System, car owners could install any Apps whatever they want, including map Apps from different company even watch YouTube videos. (Of course, we strongly recommend NOT to watch video while driving. )

The intention of developing PICASOU is to meet more needs for the use of the navigation maps. In the past, we couldn’t use these maps via CarPlay or Android auto. In this way, the owner has to use the mobile phone navigation or install the android multimedia interface for these navigations, or replace the OEM car radio to get the Android platform. We know that many vehicles now come with the original CarPlay and Android Auto, so why not use them to achieve more useful and interesting features? PICASOU's biggest feature is USB plug and play, no need to remove factory car radio, completely fool-type installation, saving a lot of labor costs. Through this Caixa de toque inteligente Android, car owners can enjoy the trips, PICASOU is like a good helper on the road
Navigation apps with CarPlay

(Navigation Apps supported by CarPlay)

Navigation Apps on Android
(Aplicativos de navegação na plataforma Android)
PICASOU in the future
PICASOU was originally designed to provide navigation and multimedia functions for car driving, but its future is no more than that. With the advent of the 5G era, IoT is on the rise and it can access more devices. Imagine voice controlling your home electrical appliances while driving. Control the drone for field surveys while driving. It is easier to find parking spaces in one step, combined with parking facilities. A variety of functions and applications will emerge in the near future, bringing unlimited possibilities for car life.

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